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Louisiana Hayride 1957

Carl Adams, Tommy Blake and Ed Dettenheim

Wings Records is a catalog of live performances by past and present musicians who were kind enough to let me be a part of their performances. You won't find these recordings in stores. In fact, what you find here may well be the only recording that exists with some dating back almost 50 years. Further, don't expect them to be more than they are. I simply sat a recorder down in the area we were playing so what you hear is exactly what you would have heard had you been sitting where the recorder sat. That includes voices of people in attendance, vehicles passing when we were outside and room noises when we were inside.

You'll probably need Windows Media Player or Quick Time to listen as these are MP3 files. I'm not yet set up for people using Real Player.  (meaning I have not figured out how to do all the stuff that is required for it to work yet.)  Comments and suggestions will be appreciated at   

No doubt there will be some who will want me to substitute something else they think sounds "better".  The truth is nothing is "better" or more precious than the live moments spent doing what you hear, so don't even try!  No doubt I've misspelled names, words, gotten stuff wrong and goof song titles so if you find a mistake or error please tell me and I'll fix it.

 Click on the song you want to hear. (It's supposed to play if you are using Windows Media Player or Quick Time Media Player.)  If it doesn't, feel free to blame me but be kind enough to tell me about the problem. I'm old and senile enough not to mind being blamed for problems and I'm technologically ignorant enough to ask for all the help and suggestions I can get.  The music performed here reflects the culture of this area.

Pictured at right is the American Legion Hut in Homer. It stands abandoned now but for years it was the home to the Homer Hayride. Area musicians performed there regularly each Saturday night. Organized performances are great and I've played at untold numbers dating back to the 1950's. However, organized music shows and performances do not give everybody who wants to play, or learn to play, the opportunity to do so.  This realization led Jerry Brown and I to start open public performances in Homer back in 1994. Any and all who wanted to play were welcome to join us. In short, we'd rotate performance turns to the right so everybody got a chance to "star" and everybody got the chance to back the others.  Anybody who wanted to watch was welcome to do so but the primary objective was to give everybody who wanted to play, or learn how to play, the opportunity and place to do so. The group missed one Friday night in 12 years and that was due to the fact that it was snowing and the roads were freezing over. Assembly has been at various places kind enough to offer us the use of their facilities. However, area interest and attendance consistently grew to the point where the needs of all those interested could no longer be adequately served under informal circumstances that existed.

Subsequently, on the evening of 9/22/2006 some 45 musicans and music lovers in attendance voted to create a formal organization whose sole purpose would be the promotion of music education and the preservation of this area's rich cultural music heritage. It's first elected officers were:. Jerry Brown, President, Tommy Gore, Vice President, Glenda Tooke, Secretary and Ed Dettenheim, Treasurer. Upon completion of all the necessary legal requirements to act as a non-profit legal entity their first goal would to be that of acquiring the necessary resurces to appropriately serve the needs of our area's music community.

That effort didn't work out so we just continued to gather together every Friday night and enjoy ourselves. I'll try to keep this site up as long as I can. Enjoy it while it lasts and make copies of whatever you find here you'd like to preserve in your scrapbook.


W.L. "Dub" Thomas!

Dub Thomas was my idol. He was something of a legend throughout the surrounding area. (He was a showman with a powerful tenor voice. He developed his driving guitar runs listening to a blind guitarist named Riley Pucket.) If ever there was a real person behind Tom T Hall's song "I Remember The Year That Clayton Delaney Died" Dub Thomas was him. Dub was the Claiborne Parish Clayton Delaney. His music typically featured anywhere from one to three great fiddle players (Troy Beavers, Fred Beavers and Paul Woodard), Eugene Kendrick playing bass and myself on electric guitar. Few people realize just how many guitar players around the South Dub influenced. Here are a few of our performances.    When They Baptized Sister Lucy Lee.....I'd Rather Be Somebody's Darling..... Down Among The Budded Roses.....I Saw Your Face In The Moon..... Old Fashioned Love In My Heart..... Please Take Me Back.....My Shy Texas Bluebonnet Girl ....Who's Sorry Now.... Royal Hawaiian Hotel        (1964 Homer Hayride) Mean Mama Blues.   

(no photo)

Larry Gathright

Larry Gathright and his wife Nancy came to our jams regularly. I was fortunate enough to get to play with them numerous times. .   When I Get My Reward     Carolyn At The Broken Wheel Inn      I Don't Need This 9 Pound Hammer    In Tennessee      Rock salt and Nails       Some Days are Diamonds     Blue Virginia Blue

Eugene Kendrick

Gene Kendrick taught me my first guitar chord.  He showed me my first doghouse bass lick. I can honestly say that nobody else has ever introduced me to anything that resulted in giving me more satisfaction, greater pleasure and more enjoyment than the music I participated in after those first "lessons".  Eugene has a powerful and great voice. Fred Beavers and Paul Woodard are supporting him with fiddles and I support him on guitar on most of these. I've Got A Mansion... It Was Almost Like A Song..... I'd Rather Be Sorry..... Make The World Go Away..... San Antonio Rose...... Crazy     (1964 Homer Hayride) I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You

no photos

The Reids

Mr and Mrs Reid loved their music. They played and sang every chance they got.  I was privileged to play with them several times.     One Day At A Time         Looking For Happiness

Fred Beavers

Fred is another childhood friend. He descends from a long line of fiddle playing Beavers. I think it's genetic or something. It's almost as if they are born with a fiddle in their hands. Whatever the situation is all the Beavers who played fiddle that I ever heard were good! I've enjoyed many hours of playing with Fred. I can't remember the names of Instrumentals so I have trouble listing the titles to fiddle tunes. Help me out if I'm wrong or just list them with a number. Some of prettiest stuff I've ever heard are when Fred played twin fiddles with Troy Beavers or Paul Woodard.  Fred played the song Kansas City Kitty well enough to win the title of State Champion Fiddler.  I talked him into playing it with me backing him here. He also does My Window Faces The South and  Salty Dog Blues. He shares parts with Paul on What A Friend We Have in Jesus....Waltz You Saved For Me.....San Antonio Rose and Faded Love .  He makes the rosin fly on  (1964 Homer Hayride)  Sally Goodin.

(no photo)

Ellis Smith

Ellis Smith and I go back to our days at Louisiana Tech. In fact we shared a room in Cottingham Hall one year in the late 50's. Nobody loves music more than Ellis. He attends many of the jams and I had my recorder running at one of them and captured him doing two of his favorite songs.    Branded Man,   I Thought I Heard You Call My Name

Victor Middleton

Victor was encouraged to play the fiddle by his Grandpa. He's a natual at it and getting better and better all the time. It is a pleasure playing with him and Grandpa would be beaming with pride if he could hear Victor playing now. We are going to have to get Victor to enter that State fiddlers contest as he definitely deserves to be heard. Here are a few we knocked out at the Friday Jam on 7/21/06   Westfalia Waltz        Whiskey Before Breakfast      Ragtime Annie    Ashoken Farewell    Sail Away Ladies (Sally Ann)   Maidens Prayer      Jerasilum Ridge

(no photo)

Stan Savage

Stan Savage showed up at a performance I was involved with in Haynesville one night and asked if I'd show him a few licks on guitar. He came to my house shortly thereafter and I assigned him his homework. In spite of me warning him not to overdo it he tried to master what appeared to him to be simple chord changes in one week. It sprained his wrist and he had to wear a brace on it for two years but that didn't stop him. He attended jams regularly and was soon improvising licks of his own. Here's proof that Stan learned to make good "home made" music. I'm My Own Grandpa,  Help Me Get Over You,   That Was Before I Met You     Branded Man     I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow    My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys     Everybody Has The Blues Sometimes  

Everett Payne

Everett and his wife have been personal friends of mine dating back to our school days. Everett has a great voice and it was only as he got up in years that he decided to have a go at mastering the guitar. He does a great job. His laid back voice is smoooothhh as silk and nobody is more fun to back. I'm proud and honored to call him a friend.   Did You Miss Me    Sing Me Back Home   Farmers Daughter      Love Bug     He'll Have To Go     Chained To A Memory Of You    River Of Memories    Mountain Railroad   Grandma's Rocking Chair   Daddy Frank  Arkansas River


TJ Lynn

Sam Peeples

TJ Lynn (Terry Lynn Walthall) was the best singer I ever knew. Put a talent like that with a creative musical genius like my friend Sam Peeples and the result is utterly amazing. It don't get any better than this stuff we recorded at Sam's when he lived by the railroad tracks in Homer.    Abigail Brown.... Imagine Me..... The Actress... The Turner Hotel.... Another Lonely Holiday.... If I Touch You....Devil's Bus...Devil's Right Hand Lady.... Hurricane.... Out Of Nowhere..... California High.... I Got Everything I Need To Write A Song.... Look Out Texas....Don't Go Crazy On Me....Sometimes I Just Don't Know     Love's My Only Excuse    Who'll Draw The Line      Cotton Candy Dreams     Walk In A Lonely Woman's Shoes      Till Then.  

Bill & Pam Smellie

There are no jam players that are more dedicated than Bill and Pam Smellie. Bill plays guitar and Pam plays the fiddle but both can play bass so they swap out on that task. They are great entertainers and just great folks. It's a privilege to get to play with them. .

Good Times Outweigh The Bad,   Home Grown Tomatoes    It Takes One To Know One   A Few Old Memories     Golden Slippers       Thirty Two Acres      Milk Cow Blues     Pam & Glenda Tooke Instrumental 1        Pam & Glenda Tooke Instrumental 2

Carl Adams

Few will recognize this fellow. He was without a doubt the most commercial guitar player that ever lived. (Chet said so because I personally heard him. I agree.) Carl played back in days when here were no gadgets to help players make guitars sound strange. No whammy bars, no distortion boxes and no light gage strings. Just a little amp to make the guitar loud.

Carl and I spent many hours in my living room writing songs and playing music. A childhood accident left his left hand mangled and worthless for making chords. He just flipped his guitar over so as to use his right hand to make the chords. Subsequently he could pull the small strings downward across the fret board to raise the pitch whereas the rest of us had to push our string up to get a pitch bend.  Chet and Nashville saw it and heard it.  Their race was on to find ways other guitar players could get similar sounds out of a guitar. Here's a song Carl and I wrote. I play bass and Tom Ruple plays drums. A fellow named Jonas Ross is doing the vocals. It's called Mr. Blues   (recorded in 1956 or 57 in KWKH studios if I remember correctly).   Listen to his guitar and you'll understand why Chet recognized him as being the most commercial sounding guitar player he had ever heard. That's a single guitar recorded live and Carl is playing it.

Old timers will remember a fellow named Dale Hawkins. Carl and Dale were childhood friends. Carl was the guitar player on most all of Dale's early recordings. Enjoy what few people have ever heard knowing that his sound changed guitar sounds forever.


James Camp

James and I have been friends for years now. There is nobody I'd rather play with than James. Here are a few songs he sung at some of our gatherings. Going Down That Wrong Road Again, Brush Arbors, White Oak On The Hill, I Heard My Mama Call My Name In Prayer, I Saw Mother In A Vision, I Know You're Married But I Love You Still   I'll Have Eyes That Will Never Fill With Teardrops  Lord Have Mercy On Me   Travel This Lonesome Road      Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue    


Tommy Gore

Tommy Gore is one of the finest talents you'll ever get the privilege to hear. He plays guitar and mandolin.  He's written some great songs and is best described as being one of those rare musicians who is guaranteed to make any other musicians sound better than they possibly can without him.

 Paradise    Walking My Lord     Railroad Lady     Wine Colored Roses    He Did     It Rains Just The Same In Missouri      Yellow Rose Of Texas   Jesus Jesus     I Saw The Writing On The Wall      White Oak On The Hill    Breaking Out   Yesterdays Wine   Mexico Blues    Blackberry Blossom   Steamboat    Wayfaring Stranger     Brush Arbors      Old Joe Clark  Watson Blues     What Does The Deep Sea Say  The Meaning Of Goodbye   IIn The Pines   Shady Grove


Glenda Tooke

I've been playing with this lovely lady ever since she embarked on a mandolin journey. She gets better and better every day that passes. Her rhythm is a great attribute to any group she plays with. Here are some of her favorites.  Light At The River,  Lamp Lighting Time,   Bury Me Beneath The Willow   In The Valley    Changing With The Seasons     Road Looks Long and Rocky       Short Life Of Trouble      Lillie Dale       Local Flowers     Glenda and Pam Smelly Playing Instrumental 1    Glenda and Pam Smelly Playing Instrumental 2.  40 Miles From Popular Bluff

Bitts Jett

I had the privilege of playing with Bitts untold hours in his young days and several hours in his older years. Nobody I'd rather play with and hear sing than Bitts. I'd like to think maybe I had a little something to do with encouraging him to become the great musician he is today. Bitts showed up at a Jam on 7/21/06 in Homer.. Here he is doing some of the oldies we did years ago         Amanda       3rd Rate Romance      Lukenbach Texas      Saganaw Michigan     Make The World Go Awqy     Sing Me Back Home


Gary Coburn

Gary is another great musician I spent hours picking with back in his young days. I can't claim credit for showing him any hot licks as he plays his guitar upside down and totally different from anything my old head can incorporate. Still, maybe I can claim a little credit for encouraging him. He's a natural.. He's got a gift and the licks just flow. He also has a great voice to go with his playing. It's a privilege playing with him..  Here are a few songs we knocked out at the 7/21/06 Jam in Homer.  Famous Last Words of A Fool       Lighthouse        3 Chord Country Song      Wasted Days and Wasted Nights    Before The Next Teardrop Falls      Look For Me    Amarillo By Morning   Little Book Of Matches      Thats When Mercy Walked In   Paint Me

Johnny Beavers

Johnny Beavers is the son of Troy Beavers, one of the best fiddlers ever to pick up a fiddle. Johnny has been playing rhythm guitar and singing since his high school days. He's one of my favorite people in the world and I thoroughly enjoy playing with him. He made it to the Friday Night Jam on 7/21/06 and I recorded him doing a few old favorites.   A Fire I Can't Put Out      Old Habits         Long Tall Texan


Jim Kendrick

 Well I finally got Jim on a couple of songs along with him singing with his sister Nancy Nelson. Here's Jim doing  Queen of the Silver Dollar    and   Mansion For Me

(no photo)

Andy Hinton

Andy hails from Minden. He's a steel guitar player so he doesn't come to our jams but I have had the opportunity to play with him a few times. Here we play a couple of instrumentals at a gig down in Athens.     Steel Guitar Intro      Wednesday Night Waltz


Nancy Nelson

 I finally sneaked up on Nancy singing I'm Not Lisa.   Buleah Land and Were You There..  Her brother Jim helps out in spots where she forgot some words.

Jimmy Newsom

Jim Newsom is one of those rare persons who has been playing music in this area a few minutes longer than I have. It's a privilege to get to play with him. Here he is playing some of his favorites.  Others will be added as I get to them.   Abide With Me     I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand    I'll Leave This Old World Loving You        Sitting On Top Of The World      Crazy Arms

Durwood Gathright

Durwood and I go back to elementary school days and 4H. However it wasn't until the Homer Hayride started that I had the privilege of playing with him. Here are some of Durwood's favorites I was privileged to support him doing.. Is It Love That Makes Me Feel This Way     Seven Spanish Angels    There Goes My Everything    Today I Started Loving You Again      Easy Loving     Lost Highway  

Ray Kilgore

Ray likes home made music so much he carries around a custom made box full of french harps and a custom made table to sit them on.  He's ready to play with anybody in any key, any place and any time. You usually hear him playing with Durwood Gathright and Donald Gray at area Nursing Homes. Great fellow with a love for "home made" music. He's featured here singing Rank Strangerwith Durwood handling the 2nd part and sharing the spotlight with Don Gray on Casey Jones and Tennessee Waltz.  

Donald Gray

Nobody knows more songs than Donald Gray. He's always got a "new" oldie to keep jammers on their toes. He adds greatly to any group. Here are a few. More to come later.  Old Country Church     Chocolate Ice Cream Cone      Put Me In Your Pocket    Maggie       House Of Gold     Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown       You've Still Got A Place In My Heart      Waltz of The Angels      Letter Edged In Black     Happy Tracks     I Didn't Hear Nobody Pray    Old Old Man Walks In The Garden       I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me    Packing My Suitcase (recorded this one the week before he had stroke)


Benny Shelton

I Can't Help It,  Today I Started Loving You Again,  Over The Next Hill And I'll Be Home.

(no photo)

James White

  James plays banjo and joins our jams in Homer sometimes on Friday Nights. Here he is on a couple. Let Me Be Your Salty Dog   Pearly Blue

(no photo)

Lester Parker

Lester is a mandolin player. He likes to play but it's hard to get him out front. Here he is playing Amazing Grace with Don Belton on Bass, Paul Woodard on Fiddle and me on Guitar.


Buck Whetzil

Buck came here from California. His desire was to learn to play a mouth harp. I think he did quite well and I certainly enjoyed playing with him. He was a loyal jammer and loved to play if ever anybody did. There has only been one Friday night since we started having Friday night jams here in Claiborne Parish that the jam was called off. It was freezing and sleeting that night. Buck and I were the only two crazy enough to show up. Here he is playing some of his old favorites. Wheels,    Four In The Morning,      Just Because    Bobbie McGee   South Of The Border     I Had A Beautiful Time    Half A Mind     Kentucky Waltz    Maidens Prayer      My Happiness      Take Me Like I Am 

(no photo)

Charlie Williams

Charley is a fine banjo player today. I recording him doing this number back in the days when he was first trying to make that banjo do what he wanted it to do.  John Hardy        Unclouded Day       Two Graves On A Hillside


Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown is one of my favorite singers. We've been playing jams longer than I care to remember. We got tired of not having any place to play regularly so we started those Friday night jams on the court house square in Homer. Over the years we've changed jam sites and currently play out at the old Claiborne Electric Co-Op building every Friday night. Here's proof that Jerry is a great singer. If you listen real carefully you'll hear his lovely wife Ann singing harmony with him on the song House With No Curtains. We just couldn't get her to sing very loud but it's pretty. I try to sing tenor with him on some of the songs.

Faded Love,   Boquet Of Roses,   Overlooked An Orchid,   Somewhere Between Your World And Mine,    House With No Curtains     Arkansas River        The Devil Made Me Do That     Heartaches By The Number     Is It Wrong     It's All Over But The Crying      Big Bouquet Of Roses      Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind     I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand     Farewell Party    Faded Love    High On The Mountain    Somewhere Between Your Heart and Mine      Talk Back Trembling Lips     Frauline   My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 


James Green

I've got lots of songs with James playing but I don't know their names so can't list them by name.  I'll just list them as song 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. until somebody gives me the correct names.

1      2       Black Mountain Rag      4     Sally Goodin       6       Camel Walk     Rubber Dolly    Green Valley Waltz   Billy In The Low ground     Under The Double Eagle    If some of those names turn out to be wrong I'd appreciate a note correcting me.

Donald Bass

 Donald Bass hangs out around Minden but he makes regular jam sessions. He favors the oldies and I recorded him singing Release Me   What A Friend We Have In Jesus    Cold Cold Heart  and the old Jimmie Rogers Blue Yodel song   Waiting for A Train

Joe Dean

Joe Dean is a true lover of fast old time mountain music featuring the banjo. I sneaked up on him with a camera and recorder as we knocked out a couple of songs at a recent jam. We'll call one Joe Dean's Breakdown and the other Heart To Heart.


(no photo)

Don Belton

Don plays bass. Paul Woodard, Les Parker and I backed him on these songs one night at a campground gathering.  I've Never Seen That Before, When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold, My Blue Heaven, Just Because


Ernest Allen

Ernest lives in Monroe so I don't get to see him often. It's still great fun to play with him. Here's a few songs I got to play with Ernest in years past:.   Bubbles In My Beer     Guitar Instrumental    Red Haired Boy  Down Yonder    More Pretty Girls Than One   

Philip & Martha Andrews

 Great entertainers. I finally caught them long enough to record a couple of numbers on the night of 10/12/2007. First one was Martha singing St. Louie Blues and 2nd one was the classic Ode To Coyotes as sung by Philip & Martha. Got a few more 12/2/2011.  Swanging     I'll Be Needing You   Long Distance Information    This Old House

Only Make Believe          Are You Lonely Tonight

 no photo

Paul Woodard

There is nobody I ever played with that I enjoy playing with more than Paul Woodard.   I've been playing with him since he was a kid. He could play beautiful harmony to a cat yowling with it's tail caught in the gate. Amazing.  Here Paul plays a few with me trying to keep up.  Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White     Ragtime Annie     Jesse Polka    Who's Sorry Now     Unknown 1     Unknown 2         Unknown 3        Unknown 4   Unknown 5    Unknown Waltz     Unknown Cajun      Paul loses me completely on this one (Play along and see if you can keep up first time through. That's what's fun and challenging about jams.)   Billy In Low Ground   Faded Love     Over The Waves   Fiddle Medley    Jolie Blonde

Jimmie Martin & James Gaudey

They have not been playing as a team long but they are coming along. Martin is an old pro drummer but Gaudey is new to the music scene. Here's some of their early efforts.  Ashes of Love     I Love      Big City Turn Me Loose      Oh Lonesome Me       Y'all Come Back Saloon     Turn The Lights Down Low     I Overlooked An Orchid


Linda & John Lyles

 These songs by Linda and John recorded at the Friday night co-op jam on 5/26/06.        Jambalya    Red Wing     It's A Sin To Tell A Lie        Bonaparte's Retreat           Long Black Train       House Of Gold  

no photos

Elaine Parker

Not even sure I've got the name right. Lovely lady that plays one of those harp looking things with a gillion strings on it. She use to make the jams regularly but haven't seen her in a long time. I loved accompanying her and hearing her sing. I thought I had a recording of her doing a favorite song of mine named "Early" written by Greg Brown but I can't find it.  I think I have a couple of songs though so I'll go with what I have.   Who Will Sing For Me             Let Me Walk With You Jesus

Bobby Woodard

It's hard to get Bobby to be still long enough to play his mandolin but I got him on a couple. Here he is playing Lorena  and  Old Joe Clark

(no photo)

Dean Cardwell

I use to play once in a while with Dean when he was playing with Homer Bailes. I just happened to record these two at a camp out in Haynesville some years back.  Paul Woodard and Don Belton were there.  Circuit Riding Preacher         How Great Thou Art

(no photo)

Lloyd Stokes

I've known Lloyd Stokes since we were young fellows. He's a great entertainer and gives it his all. It's a privilege to get to play with him. Here he is doing some of his favorites.     Choices     Busted In Austin   Back To The Bayou   He Stopped Loving Her Today     I'll Have Another Cup Of Coffee And Then I'll Go     Don't Tell Mama I Was Drinking       


Ed Dettenheim

Some of these songs I wrote and some I just sing because I like them. I write songs for and about individuals sometime so don't be surprised if you hear me singing a song I've written for, or about a female. For example I wrote the song " Last Postcard From Dixie" watching a gal I'll call "Dixie" quietly pack up and leave town without telling her beau. She was tired of waiting for him to advance a relationship that didn't seem to be going anywhere. She liked drama so she was going send a postcard telling him goodbye when she got to where ever it was she was going. I thought that was memorable and figured there was a song in that:  Last Postcard From Dixie  The Turner Hotel  The Test Of A Man    Nelson Had It All     Home To Blackhorse      Savings & Loan      Abigail Brown    Charlie Jones      Hurricane    Red Headed Woman   The Room   Out Of Nowhere   Living Room Wall  GrandMa     Stones     Jesus_Built_A_Bridge_Fire Won't_Burn     Sherman's March        It Ain't Over Till Its Over      Slow Songs Drag On and On    It's Only A Game     Somebody I Don't Like   Dallas Ain't In Texas Anymore


Brady Allen

Here's a supergreat young picker, singer and songwriter. I've been trying to get a recording of at one of our jam sessions and I finally got my recorder to listen to us last Friday night. Some of these songs he wrote. It's a privilege to play with musicians like him. More later perhaps when I remember to carry a camera along that will work. Sit back, listen and enjoy one of the most talented young artists to join our Friday night sessions in years.  10 Story Building,   Gimme Back My Wig   His Majesty The King   Rolling With The Flow  Meaning of Goodbye   My Favorite Memory of All    My Trust Is All In Jesus     Precious Gift     Shady Grove   What Would You Give    Alabama Jubilee   The Garden 

Jim Allen

I've been friends with Jim Allen since long before most folks were born. If there is good music going on Jim is going to try to be there. He plays a great guitar but he really favors his blues and his trusty old harmonica. Here he is blowing a couple of his old favorites.   In The Pines  and   I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry


Darryl Lum

Darryl is a big Marty Robbins fan and he knows all of Marty's songs. However he does lots of other stuff too. He's a great singer. I sneaked up on him tonight and managed to capture him singing a few songs. Enjoy.          Korena       Since I Met You Baby

    Never Knew Lonely Till You        


Coy Bohannon

Best lead picker in the country. He makes it look easy. I can't locate a record of his playing in my box of stuff but I'll find some and when I do I'll add them here. He's definitely a "certified" music performer. Lost Coy a few weeks ago. We'll miss him greatly.

Janis Hollan and

Bill Caldwell

I finally got a picture of Janis thumping on her old wash tub bass and singing one of those high female harmony parts so important to many of the old Country and Gospel classics. Here's Bill Caldwell and Janis Hollan down at the Fire Station Dec 29, 2011.

  Crazy Arms      Together Again      Storms Never Last Do They Baby    Memories Cost A Lot   Coal Miner Blues

  Dark End Of The Hallway    Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Loud Loud Music   Jesus  Great Speckled Bird  

   Build My Mansion Next Door to Jesus    Our Love's Just Another Bridge to Burn

Shirley & Ken Racca

Shirley and Ken Racca sing the good old Country Songs. I don't know them very well personally but everybody loves playing and singing with them. Enjoy.

Sweet Voice Calling     One of These Days   Back In 1949   Unknown    Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels             Last Mile Of The Way    Just For You   I Never Go Around Mirrors

   Late Pickin' at Firehouse

over 1 hour of Brady, Tommy & Ed on 10/2/09   Firehouse1

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